Bitburg - WMV Video for PC - each Clip 7.90 ¤

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Bitburg Swimming Pool Party - Clips A to E - All go fully dressed in the pool play around and have a nice wetlook party. Lots of fun and wet jeans, wet skirts and wet & white dresses!


Video Film: Each clip appr. 20 min., WMV Format for PC, 4:3, Stereo

Pleas select clip A (330 MB), B (342 MB), C (343 MB), D (336 MB) or E (339 MB).


Please click the checkmark box at the selected clips which you wish to buy – one, several or all – to put them into the shopping cart. Notice the first Rebate (-10%) level is reached when selecting all clips!
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Bitburg - WMV Video for PC - each Clip 7.90 ¤
Bitburg - WMV Video for PC - each Clip 7.90 ¤

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