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FAQ - Info´s to our films


1. Discounts / Vouchers 


2. Payment Options


3. Shipping




5. Film Quality - general Info and Goals


6. Download Film Formats


7. Mailorder Film Formats


8. How do I get the movie to my PSP?


10. Copyright and terms of license and use



1. Discounts / Vouchers


Depending on the total value of your purchase you will see several possible vouchers / coupons at the end of the purchase procedure. Important: Because you can select only ONE coupon per order, please take the coupon with the HIGHEST possible value in your basket. It will be activated in the next 24 hours, is valid 3 month and can be used at your next order. Only ONE coupon / voucher can be used per order.


2. Payment Options

You can pay your orders per:
- Creditcard  (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Diners Club)
- Instant Payment
- Direct Debit Payment
- Paypal
- Advanced payment via Bank Transfer
We use Inet-Cash for payment transfers with Creditcard, Instant Payment or Direct Debit Payment.
Additional payment fee: You will be charged with 1 € as additional payment fee from Inet-Cash per payment.


3. Shipping

DVDs will be delivered in a amaray box in a upholstered emvelope with neutral sender adress.
Shipping cost up to 100 € = 2.50 € / over 100 € it is free! See also Shipping and Returns.



In the download section you can choose your video in formats for PC, Portables and TV.

You can pay there via:
- Credicard or Instant Payment: Your download link will be sended per email promptly after your payment from Inet-Cash
- Paypal: Your download link will be sended per email promptly after your payment from Paypal
- Advanced Payment via Bank Transfer: Your download link will be sended instantly after we have recived your money at our bank.
Each video you can downloaded 5 days after you have recieved the download link, and can be downloaded max 5 times - but can be used due the copyright and license restrictions ONLY from you. Save the downloads to your harddisk (click "download/save" and not "execute"). You should download your videos in this timeframe, after 5 days there is no more download possible! If you have registered for a customer account, you will find your videos also in your personal customer account area.
Please take care, that you have selected the appropriate download format! In case of a wrong selected formats we exchange only within the same film, and charge additional to the upgrade difference a fee of 5 €. Downgrade differences will not be refunded. Such exchange requests must be done within 7 days after purchased. A return and refund of downloaded films is not possible.
It is NOT allowed, to give these download links to others, or to share, distribute or upload our videos or use our content for any other productions!


5. Film Quality - general Info and Goals


We try to produce the best film quality and use for that the best semi professional cameras in DV and HD quality. For daylight settings we use HD or HDV cams, at disco poolparties with difficult light DV cams, because they still have a better low light quality with less noise.
The videos from the early days of Akunavideo (2000 - 2005) have due the technical limitations of this time a bit lower quality then the later productions (after 2005) - but due the exiting content they are still really worthwile to see. At the bottom of each article description you can see the production date of the videos.
We try to show films with people, which are really wetlook fans (and no bored models). For the best gathering of the orginal ambience we avoid using soundtracks and just reproduce the original sound in stereo.
See detailled format descriptions in the chapters below.
We wish you fun with the videos and are happy about any feedback.

6. Download Film Formats*


WMV: Playable with normal Windows PCs without separate players (MAC PCs need a separate player). Formats:  


LOW: Format 768x576 (appr. 1000 Kbit/s) - normal DVD video size, reasonable quality, but not so good still frames - usable for slower internet access.
NORM: Format 768x576 (appr. 2000 Kbit/s) - normal DVD video size, good quality (recommended download quality - most similar to the normal DVD quality).
EXTRA: Format 1280x720 (5000 Kbit/s) - enhanced quality (extrapolated HDV).
HDV1: Format 1280x720 (5000 Kbit/s) - very good quality (real HDV)
HDV2: Format 1440x1080 (5000 Kbit/s) - very good quality (real HDV)
HD: Format 1920x1200 (5000 Kbit/s) - best quality (real Full HD)
PSP: Playable with Sony Portable Playstation
- PSP High Quality: Format 368x208 (1500 Kbit/s) MPEG-4
iPad: Playable with Apple iPad
- IPod High Quality: Format 640x360 (1500 Kbit/s) MPEG-4
*See product descriptions for exact resolutions


Standard Format 720x576 Pixel - alternatively in PAL or NTSC. In 16:9 anamorp.


BluRay: Format 1440x1080 (HDV) or 1920x1080 (Full HD)


*See product descriptions for exact resolutions



1. Connect your PSP via USB cable to your computer.
2. Go in the menu of the PSP to "settings" and selected as the "USB connection" with the Circle button.
3. Current systems such as WIN or MAC OSX 2000/XP/Win-7 recognize the PSP as an USB drive automatically
3. Open the newly published drive on your computer by double clicking with the mouse
5. Now you should see the PSP folder. Let this folder untouched, there is no need Changes are made, do not open it.
6. Create on the drive beside (NOT in!) the PSP folder a new folder with the Name MP_ROOT (Will also created when you format the stick on the PSP)
7. Now open the newly created folder MP_ROOT and create another new folder in it with the name 100MNV01
8. Copy the films (eg M4V00001.MP4) and the preview files (eg M4V00001.THM) always in this folder.
9. Name your videos as follows: M4Vxxxxx.MP4 (since Firmware 2.8 are free names allowed)
   The x stands here for a numbering system eg: M4V00001.MP4 etc.
10.If you have copied the correct named videos in 100MNV01 folder, remove the USB Connection on your computer with the X button and disconnects the USB connection of the PSP.
11.Now select the menu item in the PSP video with the circle button. This should show now all available videos.
12.Confirm to play again with the circle button.
To operate the PSP video mode:
Confirm with round button
Cancel button with X
Menu with the triangle button

All Akunavideo films, videos, clips and pictures as also parts of them, are strictly copyright protected, and it is not allowed, to give them to others, or to share them with others - the distribution or use of them or parts of them in other productions as also the internet upload and any distribution is strictly forbidden. Only privat backup copies of purchased products are allowed. Violations will be prosecuted by law.


And please have in mind, that we dont get "rich" with our films, we do that mostly for fun, and the most income of our sells will be used for new wetlook productions - each illegal copie will make that harder - so please support our work.Thank you.


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